Sunday, 12 September 2010

The Catsters YouTube Channel: Lectures on Category Theory

Just quickly posting to mention my finding a neat little YouTube channel with lectures on Category Theory: The Catsters.

The folks on the channel giving the lectures are enthusiastic nerds (what else?) and their lectures are actually really well done. One can even read what they scribble on the board. Usually.

The quality of the videos is pretty poor though, and the buzzing of the sound and poor balance of voice and ambient noises, as well as the amplification problems (sometimes, especially on the Monads video, the voice just blows out the mic amp's range) make it a little hard to follow the lectures. It won't, of course, prevent a real enthusiast from watching them. The explanations' quality is good (as far as I could tell.)

I increasingly find the lecture format of Internet videos a little nicer than your average run-of-the-mill lecture, where you sit with some 100 folks in one room. Granted, my own course of studies usually put me into rooms of no more than 20 people, but I still find it quite useful to be able to view lectures on demand. There's something to be said for both formats.

Go check it out! And I'll try to find some original content to post again :-P